Why Do I Need A Music License?

A music license gives you the rights to use the music legally in your project.  Our individual music licenses are needledrop licenses, meaning you can use a music track in only one project.  The music can be used multiple times in a project, just not in more than one project, episode, or production.

Most licenses are for worldwide use, in perpetuity (unless otherwise noted).

There Are More Than One Version Of A Track. Do I Get All The Versions?

Yes, when you purchase a track you get all the versions available.  Depending on the track, there may be a full version, no melody, music bed, :60, and :30 versions.  For songs with vocals, you also get the instrumental only version, as well as any other versions that are available.

I Want To Use The Music In Multiple Projects. What Do I Do?

For music that will appear in multiple productions or episodes, such as the theme for a show or a TV ad campaign, contact us for a quote.

I Need Many Music Tracks. What Is My Best Option?

If you need lots of music, a blanket license is a very cost-effective way to access our whole catalog.  We have both production blanket licenses (for a production) as well as an unlimited use blanket license with no restrictions.  Please contact us to learn more.



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