How To Get Started

Whatever your music needs are, we’ve made licensing music fast and easy!

Just follow these 3 simple steps:


If you’re a new client, register for a free account at our online search platform.   Just click the button below to go to our music search site to sign up.


Once you’ve registered, not only can you search through our catalog but you’ll be able to save searches, create playlists, and email or share playlists.

Track Audition Downloads
If you want to download music tracks to audition in your project – without any watermarking – just contact us and let us know.  We can turn that feature on for you right away.


Once you find music you like, you’ll need to download and use our License Request Form.  Just fill it out and send it to us.

If you are a larger music user needing many tracks, please contact us to get a custom quote for a blanket license.

Understanding Music Licensing

To legally use music from our library in any type of production, whether TV, film, radio, Internet, or non-broadcast, you must first obtain a license.

A license grants you the rights to use that music in a TV, film, radio, commercial, trailer, promo, Internet, corporate, or other production.

In actuality, when you license a piece of music you are getting two licenses: a sync license and a master use license.

Sync License

The sync license grants you the right to sync the music composition with an audio-visual production such as a film, TV show, commercial, or Internet production.

Master Use License

The master use license (sometimes knows as a master recording license) grants you the right to use a specific sound recording of the composition.  The sound recording is the specific version of the music track you hear in the library.

Both sync and master use licenses will specify term of use, territories, and other relevant info.


All the music in our library can be licensed in three ways:

  • Needledrop/ Per Use basis
  • Production Blanket License
  • Annual Blanket License

Needledrop/ Per Use Licenses

A needledrop (also known as a drop) is defined as the single-use of a music track that starts and stops within a production.

The key thing to know about a needledrop license is that it is a per use license.

A track that starts and stops three times within a production counts as three needledrops. It doesn’t matter if a track is used for 1 second or 5 minutes, it’s still a separate needledrop use.

Needledrop licensing rates, also known as per-use licensing rates vary based on the type of production, broadcast vs. non-broadcast use, the territory, and other factors.


A production blanket license lets you use an unlimited amount of needledrops within a particular production.

These licenses are typically purchased by production companies for specific productions.  This makes a production blanket license a better value than having many needledrops within a production.


An annual blanket license allows for unlimited use of all music tracks in our catalog.

Blanket licenses are available for network TV, local TV stations, cable channels, educational institutions, religious organizations, radio stations, and government agencies.


Licenses can be in perpetuity, or for lesser time frames.

Film and TV licenses are usually in perpetuity, while commercials may be on a 13-week license.


An essential part of the music licensing process is reporting music used in TV, film, radio, or other broadcast productions. This is done via a cue sheet.

A cue sheet is a document that outlines all the music tracks used in the production, their length, type of usage, and the composer and publisher information.

Cue sheets are submitted to the three Performing Rights Organizations (PRO) in the U.S., so composers, songwriters, and publishers get paid for their performances on TV, radio, the Internet, and other broadcast uses.



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